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A Message from Our Co-Chairs


We believe that every young person deserves the same things we want for ourselves and our children: a stable home, good health, meaningful work and hope for the future. Such is the mission of Residential Youth Services & Empowerment (RYSE), a local non-profit whose staff and volunteers work tirelessly toward the goal of ending youth homelessness in Hawaii.

On Friday, November 3rd, with its annual fundraiser event, Journey of RYSE: 5 Years and Counting, we are thrilled to celebrate and commemorate the meaningful work that RYSE has contributed to our community since its inception just five short years ago. Since 2018, RYSE has sheltered and provided essential services to more than 523 houseless youth in Hawaii. This is truly remarkable, especially given that much of RYSE’s services were provided during a global pandemic. 

There is more work to be done. Many of the young adults RYSE has helped transition out of homeless shelters continue to struggle to make ends meet in the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. In addition, we hope to address the high concentration of houseless Native Hawaiian youth by providing additional transitional housing facilities on the Leeward coast of Oahu. 

To further support RYSE’s important work, we are asking you to consider sponsoring a table or donating what you can to help make our fundraiser a success. Please use the attached form to indicate your sponsorship and/or donation. Your contributions directly impact the lives of young individuals who face significant challenges.   

We are excited for the future of RYSE and the young people we serve, and are honored to have you on this journey with us. Together, we can empower Hawaii’s street youth to move beyond homelessness and reach our ultimate goal of ending youth homelessness in Hawaii. Mahalo for your time, consideration, and generous support.

Warm Aloha, 

Stephanie and Doug Johnstone

Co-chairs, Journey of RYSE 2023

We can end youth homelessness.

Residential Youth Support & Empowerment (RYSE) is a non-profit organization founded in 2018 that services opportunity youth in Hawaii, through empowerment and personalized support. Youth, ages 14-24, are welcome for drop-in services from 8am – 8pm at the access center, seven days a week, and have access to safe and temporary living spaces specifically designed to address their unique needs. 

Beyond shelter, RYSE offers a comprehensive range of services, including counseling and mentoring, education and life skills training, and case management and advocacy. RYSE is dedicated to helping youth overcome challenges, build resilience and achieve their full potential.

As a 501(c)3, we rely on the generous support of individuals, organizations, businesses, and grants to fund our programs. We are committed to transparency and accountability, ensuring that every donation we receive is maximized for impact.

Together, we are dedicated to empowering youth, building futures and creating positive change. We envision a community where there is no youth homelessness. For more information, visit

Our Results

Since RYSE opened its doors in June 2018, we have continued to strive towards achieving our mission of eradicating youth homelessness in Hawaii and empowering young people to build a foundation for life-long well-being. In the first 5 years, RYSE has achieved proven, significant results, including:

  • Providing emergency shelter for 523 youth, ages 14-24
  • Diverting 82 youth from incarceration or residential mental health
  • Providing 47 youth with permanent supportive housing resources
  • Providing 16 youth with permanent supportive group homes

In 2022 alone, RYSE served 359 of Hawaii’s homeless youth with 58% transitioning to long-term housing.


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“I like how they don’t give up on us. Because we are old enough to be on our own, but not old enough.”

- RYSE Youth

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