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We continue to strive towards achieving our mission of eradicating youth homelessness in Hawaii and empowering young people to build a foundation for life-long well-being. Below are just a few examples where goals had previously seemed unattainable, but with the stability and support RYSE provided, these youth were able to thrive.

Letters from Alumni

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April's Story

April’s Story

“Be patient. Even if it seems like things are not moving forward. Things will fall into place eventually,” April wrote on our hand print wall, as she and her baby, Oliver, prepared to leave RYSE for their new home in Haleiwa.
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Dawson's Story

Dawson’s Story

Dawson completed the YouthBuild program in Waimanalo during his stay on the RYSE campus and celebrated his graduation with his RYSE family. Today he is an instructor with the YouthBuild program, which provides a pathway out of poverty by teaching youth construction skills through the building of community affordable housing projects.
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Mari's Story

Mari’s Story

RYSE residents mark their transition to more permanent housing by leaving a reflection on our wall of hand prints. But our connection is never lost.  “They come visit. They call us,” says Mari of our staff. “If I need help, they immediately come and help me.”
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