Governor David Ige Announces Ohana Zone Funding for RYSE

Dec 15, 2018

Gov. David Ige has announced plans for Ohana Zone funding to provide services that will help to expand shelter capacity and access to services for our community’s most vulnerable members, including the 18-24 year old transition aged youth that are being helped to achieve a life off the streets by RYSE.

RYSE was selected to receive $1.8 million over the next 3 years to expand the number of beds available for homeless youth, provide on-site medical services and expand outreach services.  In announcing plans for the funds, Gov. Ige stated, “It allows us to make investments in these programs that we know work and expand it to areas that are not currently being served”.

Carla Houser, RYSE Executive Director,  expressed her thanks for the Ohana Zone funds stating, “We are grateful to the Gov, LG and state legislators for the tremendous strides taken today to address Oahu’s homeless crisis. The Ohana Zone funding allows RYSE to continue to address the needs of hundreds of transition aged youth, ages 18-24, currently living unsheltered on Oahu.  Youth experiencing homelessness is the fast growing sub population in America.  Hawaii’s youth face a tremendous uphill battle as many of our young people, born and raised here, can’t afford to live independently without a tremendous amount of support. These Ohana Zone funds allow us, in collaboration with other homeless youth service providers, to provide wrap around services that include low barrier housing, employment and education support and adolescent specific substance abuse and behavioral health services. This monumental funding gives our youth a fighting chance to end the generational cycles of homelessness.”