RYSE Field Trips

Mar 8, 2022

At RYSE, we provide a continuum of support that empowers Hawaii’s street youth to move beyond homelessness. We believe in walking alongside youth in their journey and meeting them where they are, while providing unconditional positive regard.

Besides providing shelter, healthcare services, basic needs, case management, and hope, we also understand the value and importance of holistic, therapeutic treatment that includes group outings. These field trips allow our youth to participate in sensory, cultural, spiritual, and physical experiences to help balance and ground them. They also act as an amazing tool to build stronger relationships and rapport with our youth in a non-clinical environment.

Many of our residents have expressed that their mental health has improved after attending these outings, and staff have seen a definite positive impact. This year we have had 6 field trips so far: Pickleball at the Park, a Manoa Falls Hike, a Beach Day, a Boat Trip, a Museum visit, and a Beach Cleanup.

RYSE youth tell us about their experiences:

“It got me thinking I’m lucky I’m alive and I’m able to live life.”

“This field trip made me feel I forget everything. When you are in the water, you forget everything and you just have fun, and the water relaxes your mind.”

“Helped me get out of the house and I’m not getting in trouble.”

“Seeing new places, doing new things, and just having a good time with good people.”

“Exercised- my core, my legs & my emotional state.”

“Nice to get away from drama and nice to not feel forced to do anything.”

“I got exercise, it helped with social anxiety, and it was a distraction.”

“I liked being out with whoever came, and playing & hanging out.”

“I like that I got to chill while watching others play because I wasn’t feeling well, and I got to hang out with friends and just get out and explore the environment.”

“It helped me with problems I had, along with worries I had. Because I got out there, [the problems are] not as bad as before.”

Our Kailua Community

We strive to be great members of our community and mahalo the Kailua, Windward, and entire Oahu community for your support. If you are interested in supporting our youth with island outings or volunteering some time, please email us at info@rysehawaii.org or call 808-498-5180!